Sarona Market





Area & Description



Retail & Office

Tel Aviv Yafo

Gindi Holdings Ltd


Above Ground 3500 m2 

Under Ground 38,500 m2

The Sarona district in the center of Tel Aviv posed a singular opportunity: A large-scale compound of historically significant buildings, dating back to the German Templar settlement which existed among the remote Jaffa orange groves in the late 19th century. Later, the area came to house British Mandate – and then Israeli - government buildings, before being immersed in the headquarters of the IDF. Throughout all those years, the unique magic of this quarter lay hidden, waiting to be rediscovered. Finally, in the early 2000's, as part of a vast municipal/private undertaking, the entire area underwent restoration, its original values restored while being converted into a vibrant commercial hub, full of restaurants, bars and shops amid vegetation and shaded, paved walkways.

Bordering this area on its south side is the Gindi Sarona complex, consisting of three residential towers atop a long, 4-story, mixed-use plinth that is one of Tel-Aviv's most trendy spots. With its bustling covered food market, full of gourmet food stalls and culinary-related shops, and the two floors of office space above, and with ample parking to go around - negotiating the functional and technical demands of all the different functions posed a considerable design challenge. The resulting buildings strike a delicate balance with Sarona Park below, at once giving it a defined "urban wall" above eye level to complement its size and intensity – while still enlivening its southern edge on the ground by means of a generous commercial colonnade and the food market's entrances. A T-shaped floor plan consists of four apartments on each typical floor, all facing the park.

Photographer : Amit Garon

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