Ha'shacham 38





Area & Description



Retail & Office

Petah Tikva

Efrati Heritage

In planning

Above Ground 8,300 m2

Against all odds, this busy suburban business district has become in recent years- come nightfall- a vibrant entertainment destination. Bars and restaurants line the main street, where the site of this project is located. Demand for office space is equally high. The long and narrow plot, with its short end facing the street, dictated this office building's plan with its elongated core stretched between two stairwells, and with column-free office floors wrapping around. The facades aim to keep a sound balance between restrained playfulness and climatic functionality, providing elements of passive shading on the exposed east and south facades. A large open-air terrace on the roof of the commercial floor, connecting to the first floor rent-able area, enables the extension of retail or restaurants above street level.

In collaboration with Rozen Architects

Commercial 1,700 m2

Office 6,600 m2

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