Upper House





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Tel Aviv

Gindi Holdings Ltd

In Planning

Apartments unites 704

Above Ground 64,200 m2

Under Ground 26,000 m2 

Yad Eliahu in the south east of Tel Aviv is a gem waiting to be polished. Green and accessible, it is considered as the "next hop" of the metropolis's vibrant real-estate scene. The site of the Upper House project lies between the neighborhood's quiet residential area to the south, an awakening commercial zone to the north, an urban park and the city's main sports arena to the east and its main arterial highway to the west. The program calls for 704 apartments, in a variety of sizes, arranged in two 30-storey high towers, with a public building set between (and partially beneath) them: a concrete example of how urban density finds its expression in surprising new combinations. The relatively large number of 12 apartments per floor – 24 in each horizontal slice of the two towers combined - dictated an attempt to emphasize verticality and create slender forms. This resulted in the design of four narrow frames on each of the two main facades, generating the illusion of eight independent masses consisting a tall urban block. The horizontal frame of the 2-storey public edifice provides a plinth-like formal counterpoint and defines a transparent, active front which defines the street façade as well as the quiet footpath along the park to the east.

In collaboration with Rozen Architects

Residence 21,640 m2

704 Accommodation units Public use 455 m2    Commercial & Business 300 m2    Two 30 story wings + ground level floor

Illustration : viewpoint

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