Herzliya Hills





Area & Description





Azorim & Ofer Investments


Apartments unites 600

Above Ground 84,590 m2

Under Ground 53,360 m2

A mixed-use project consisting of 600 residential units, an office/retail building (not designed by our firm) and a sports centre. The project is strategically located between Israel's coastal road and its main North-South Highway. The residential component includes six 18-story buildings, with four 4-story buildings connecting them in two groups of three.

The project is highly accessible, by car, train and by foot, and enjoys proximity to key employment districts, as well as shopping and entertainment hubs, and even – further away – the beach and marina.

The project's significant location at the western entrance to Herzliya, along with its height and size, presented an opportunity to create an architectural icon. Its location next to the highway, where the passing driver's impression is fleeting, gave rise to the bold design of a long and colourful pedestal from which the buildings towers emerge at incrementally varied angles, which are registered especially while traveling at speed.

Typology-wise, Herzeliya Hills aims at combining the advantages of the two opposing residential archetypes of high density: "towers in the park" and "urban fabric", reconciling their different scales by overlying one on top of the other. We have created a rich texture of urban spaces, plazas and open passages, all intensely landscaped. The public space is defined by the lower floors of the residential buildings, which are built on a pleasant scale resembling a city street, with a variety of entrance lobbies and sitting areas to revitalize it with pedestrian activity and traffic. The street experience is heightened with balconies and windows of various sizes and types. Warm shades of pixelated red, vermillion and sienna complete the friendly atmosphere, while the six 18-story towers loom above in warm white. Those colours express an outer "mantle" that wraps the silvery-grey body of the buildings, in order to simplify the perceived complexity of the actual building, while creating a visual effect of depth.

Uniquely for the Israeli residential market, the buildings are clad with porcelain tile (as opposed to the more conventional natural stone) installed with dry fixing as a ventilated facade, which ensures maximum accuracy of form and colour, and excellent thermal performance.

Six residential high buildings with 18 floors.

constructed of 96 accommodation units & Four residential low buildings 3 floors constructed of 7 accommodation units.

32,000sqm retail and office  and 4,000sqm of commercial space.

Photographer : Amit Garon
Nimrod Llevy

Illustration : studion ando

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