Project: Tekumah Urban Renewal


Tekumah Urban Renewal




Kfar Saba


Enav Yazum





The urban renewal project between Weizman, Nordau, Harishonim and Rupin Streets which was prepared for the Kfar Saba Municipality is the subject of a newly drafted city plan for 1,068 residential units with convenient access to the adjacent train station and Road 531. The existing neighborhood spreads across some 90 dunams and is typified by diversified structures, about half of which date from the 1950s and the remainder from more recent years. Of the total existing apartments, 294 are designated for the vacate and reconstruct program.

The plans preserve the green grid typical of this neighborhood, including the current flora as well as older and highly loved sites in the city, which are further empowered by the addition of a longitudinal park, interlinking pathways, pocket gardens, seating areas and more. Construction, including a range of structures from 10 to 30 floors, shows sensitivity towards the heights and masses of the existing site: it reinforces the aspect of height in internal areas and creates graduated drops in height as it moves towards the existing buildings positioned nearby. In this way, as the project approaches Weizman Street, the commercial area maintains continuity. The residential towers are situated along the park’s length, and the public areas are positioned on the plan in the neighborhood’s new center. In this way, public use structures optimally serve the residents: a public structure positioned in long-time Park Tekumah, slated for preservation, and an expansive space of some 9 dunams allocated for a school.

The project makes use of the vacant area in the neighborhood’s south for a construction – evacuation system for the first 500 apartments. This constitutes the initial stage in executing the plan by building a foursome of towers of 29 storeys each. These provide a total of 488 residential units. Public structures will be positioned between each pair of towers.  As part of the expanding trend to alter the culture of employment which sees a significant scope of professional activities being transitioned into the home arena, the total ground floor has been planned to provide a very large range of complementary services, from a business lounge with shared work spaces and board room facing the park, to the adjacent spacious residents club and fitness center. The towers are topped by penthouses which include swimming pools.

The buildings’ natural height is presented as less overpowering and more humanly accessible dimensions by dividing the mass into three cubes which are similar in sizes to the typical Kfar Saba structures. These towers are the first of their kind in the city, and their meticulous stylization alongside their height, and their positioning on the city’s flank, imbue them with an iconic status on the local skyline.

  • Urban building plan validated 2017
  • Plan area: 90 dunams
  • Number of residential units for evacuation: 294
  • Number of residential units for construction: 1,068
  • Aboveground area: 193,755 sq.m residential / 2,300 sq.m commercial / 19,000 sq.m public structures
  • Underground: 110,585 sq.m

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