Woman of the Week – Kika Braz – Construction Center

January 2022

Intensive construction on a human scale- The Marker

February 2022

Large-scale projects, meticulous design – D&A Israel

January 2022

Sivan Execution will establish a new residential complex in Yad Eliyahu

July 2021

Commerce downstairs, apartments upstairs: an attempt to create a new urban center in Be’er Sheva

June 2021

Real Estate Conference 2021

June 2021

“Opportunity to create a bold, angular and colorful architectural icon”

May 2021

Excellence Competition in Construction 2021

May 2021

Successfully completed the first phase of an abbreviated construction method pilot

May 2021

70 Influencers 2020: A vibrant and dynamic urban renewal

April 2021

ICR Israel Canada Ram Residence and Tzemach Hamerman signed a document …

February 2021

Business gossip: Who came to the conference to do good deeds?

November 2020

haarez- galeria/ Very high education

October 2020

Video from Herzliya Hills Lior Dayan

October 2020

Construction work began on the student dormitories at the Holon Institute

October 2020

Globes: The Minrav Yam – ICR project is underway

September 2020

First place city renewal City Square 2020

March 2020

First Place Award – Leading Construction Evacuation Office 2020


The student dormitories in the country are under construction, so why are not everyone happy?


Next month it happens: The construction of the dormitories is underway

November 2019

A plan has been submitted for the construction of 320 apartments in western Petah Tikva

september 2019

A huge plan to evacuate construction in the Weizmann housing complex in Herzliya has been finally approved

June 2019

INBAR Company

June 2019

Urban Renewal in Yad Eliyahu: Approval of the La Guardia-Wingate Tel Aviv Evacuation Complex

February 2019

Price per occupant in Galil Yam: 175 winners bought apartments in three days

December 2018

Build out of the box

March 2018

A dream about a villa

March 2018

Herzliya Hills – Residence in an urban park

July 2017

Evacuation of large construction on the Florentine-Jaffa border – watch the simulations

April 2017

Gindi Holdings will build 120 housing units in the city of Yamim

december 2016

Rishon LeZion: Student dormitories with 350 apartments

August 2016

Herzliya: The building was demolished in favor of a boutique project

February 2016

Leaving: First evacuation-construction complex in Herzliya

February 2016

Huge evacuation-construction in Herzliya: almost 2,000 apartments

July 2015

This is Israel 3. Kika Baraz // Gindi Heights: The Top

April 2015

This is Israel 3. Kika Baraz / Gindi Heights: Years of flowering

April 2015

This is Israel 3. Kika Braz/ Gindi Heights: One of my favorite projects

April 2015

The architects of the towers also design in small

February 2015

Herzliya: NIS 1.8 million for 2 rooms

January 2015

bigtime- Occupies height

April 2014

The architect- Building buildings

March 2014

yediot- Taste makers

March 2014

Herzliya: 245 new apartments in the evacuation-construction project

July 2013

Petah Tikva – long-term lease

January 2013

Gindi sold the four remaining duplexes in the project in the Mother Colonies

September 2011

Height and Width: Kika’s Architecture Vision

May 2011

Architects of Dreams, Chapter 2

May 2011

Touching the sky: on the luxury buildings in city centers

February 2010

Play basketball at home and tennis on the roof

August 2009

calcalist- Builders of the land

March 2008

Ynet: Builders of the land

March 2008

Maariv- worldwide

October 2007

A date for a vision


The first officer – kika braz