The Block
Negev Center





Area & Description



Apartments unites 147

Above Ground 20,900 m2

Under Ground 100,900 m2

Under Construction

Azorim Ltd

Be'er Sheva

Mixed Use

The Block is a unique residential and commercial project in the skyline of Beer Sheva. Located on the main street of Rager Street, facing Ben Gurion University and Soroka Hospital, the project borders The Negev Center building, built in the 1960’s by architect Ram Carmi in the style of brutalism; influencing the strict conservation restrictions of the adjacent buildings.

Because it is located beside the helipad of the hospital the height of the project had to be significantly reduced. The main challenge of the project was to plan four buildings in a perimeter block style in a relatively small site. The desire to open to the main street on the ground level lead to an integrated open-style commercial ground floor, also facilitating a social center for residents and visitors.

At the elevated level of The Negev Center, a bridge leading to the ground floor of The Block acts to tie the two projects together, connecting the existing and the proposed, unifying the two into an urban block, simultaneously allowing for each building to be admired to its full potential. Aligned with the orthogonal grid of The Negev Center building, the historical roof-covered commercial pathway and main pedestrians’ walkway are emphasised and reinforced through continuity to the north of the building.

While to the south, the project combines two existing residential buildings. The project is rotated on its axis at a 45 degree angle to face South, while being composed to form a single, amorphous structure with the surrounding buildings. Its position engages at the ground level by creating a large entrance plaza demarcated by a semi-open dining area, highlighting the lively invitation to enter the commercial center.

The two different styles of construction, the Orthogonal and the Amorphous, work harmoniously to support and strengthen one another, through the result of a meticulous selection of materials, eventually creating a feeling of unification and solidarity. The use of exposed concrete emphasizes the connection between the project and The Negev Center, providing an updated look to the area.

With Goshen architects

Photographer : Amit Garon

Illustration : 3division

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